Pancakes on a Griddle

Our Story

Huckleberry Bakery & Café, like the other restaurants in the Rustic Canyon Family, is owned and operated by Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan, who are both local, having been born and raised in Santa Monica. Josh and Zoe fell in love while working together in their nearby restaurant, Rustic Canyon. Both long shared a desire to open a local, artisan bakery and café where friends, family and enthusiastic food lovers could come together and eat delicious food in a warm, casual atmosphere.

The idea for Huckleberry started in 2008, when Josh and Zoe did a 6-month trial run by hosting Saturday Morning Breakfasts at Rustic Canyon. It was an instant success with people lining up out the door for Zoe’s morning pastries! From there, they decided to open Huckleberry in 2009, across the street from Rustic Canyon.

The goal of the entire staff at Huckleberry is to make you feel welcome and nourished every time you come in.

Everything served at Huckleberry is made on site, using the best, organic ingredients, including organic flour and pantry staples, Valrhona chocolate, farmers’ market produce, and GMO-free dairy, meats and poultry. In addition to some Huckleberry signatures like the Fried Egg Sandwich, Dad’s Pancakes and more, the all-day menu changes regularly with the seasons and is based on the culinary team’s whims.

Executive Chef Catie Randazzo and team cooks up a savory menu full of options that are seasonal and fresh from the farmers’ market, while Pastry Chef and Partner Laurel Almerinda keeps the cases bursting at the seams with fun, market-driven sweet treats. Laurel, Zoe and Josh also released the Huckleberry cookbook in 2014, featuring 115 sweet and savory breakfast-inspired recipes.

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